Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lanyapi Hand Knit Scarfs

I learned how to knit during college. Coming all the way from Houston to Smith College for school was a big adjustment. I didn't even own a scarf or hat when I showed up on campus. I realized very quickly I had to start knitting some before the weather turned completely arctic! I fell in love with creating something beautiful with my hands. And what a great stress reliever and study break. I'm excited to announce that I am now offering my hand knit wool scarfs in my shop. Makes me excited for winter!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Zodiac Fortune Cookie Necklaces

I've been making fortune cookie necklaces for a while now. I love the symbolism of those adorable crisp desserts. What's better than cracking open one after a delicious meal and then sharing their messages of wisdom and vague prophecies with friends and family?

I've been pairing the cutest little fortune cookie charms with charms that say love and happiness in Chinese. They've sort of become a signature piece of Lanyapi Designs. Recently someone suggested I pair them with Zodiac signs. What a great idea to give a personalized gift or to show off your personality! After some serious searching I found the cutest vintage charms perfect for the job. Check out my latest series.

Monday, October 11, 2010

10 Ways to Pump up your Fall Wardrobe without Spending a Dime!

I'm so excited to break out my fall wardrobe but just like all girls sometimes I look in my closet and think I have nothing to wear. Instead of going out to the mall and dropping some cash on a new outfit create some new looks with what you have at home. Here are a few ideas.

1) Add tights and a cardigan to a summer dress. I bought lots of cute vintage dresses on my travels this summer and only got to wear them once or twice before the weather got chilly. Add some colorful tights, boots, and a little sweater and you're good to go. Add a jean jacket or a shrunken leather jacket for some extra warmth.

2) Layer it up. Have a favorite tank but don't know how to incorporate the sleeveless-ness in to you fall wardrobe? Put it over a long sleeve shirt or thin turtle neck and your good to go!

3) Have a clothing swap with your girl friends. Have a few gal pals over to your house for a little girl time. Have each of them bring clothing, purses, and jewelry they don't use and then have a little party where you go "shopping" for new threads.

4) Learn a new hairdo. Search the internet for easy how to videos on new ways to play up your hair. Whether it's a cool side braid or chic new bun doing your hair in a different style give you a whole new look no matter what you're wearing.

5) Raid your boyfriend's/husband's/brother's/dad's/best guy friend's closet. I believe that all women should incorporate men's pieces into their wardrobe (but maaaybe that's just because I grew up with 4 brothers and no sisters). It's such a chic look. Roll up the sleeves of a crisp button down shirt and tuck it into a pencil skirt, wear a cool tie as a belt or a head band, or just layer an oversized blazer over skinny jeans.

6) Change up your makeup colors. Put away your bronzer and opt to play up your eyes instead with that eye liner and eye shadow you forgot about in the bottom on your makeup bag. A smoky eye looks good on almost everyone.

7) Pair lots and lots of jewelry together. Normally wear one bracelet? Why not pair 5 together. Or wear a short necklace and pair it with a longer statement piece. Sometimes jewelry gets lost in all the layers of clothing so wear a little bit more to stand out.

8) Keep on wearing those shorts. Think just because summer is over you can't wear your favorite shorts anymore? Jean shorts, high waisted shorts, and tailored shorts all look great over a pair of tights. Go for a casual look by pairing it with booties or glam it up at night with heels.

9) Add some embellishment. Get out your needle and thread and find your stash of buttons and other craft baubles. Change all the buttons on a sweater and it goes from drap to fab. Add a feather, ribbon, or crystals to your favorite pair of flats and voila you automatically look more chic!

10) Make your own scarf/necklace from old t-shirts. Instead of throwing out those old concert tees making something new. Here is a cool and easy version.

Hope you all have fun creating new outfits without spending a dime!