Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter/Spring Shows

Hate buying stuff online because you can't really see what you're buying? I totally understand the need to touch, feel, and try on. That's part of the reason I choose to participate in craft shows and fairs plus I just loooove getting to meet customers in person. Here's a list of events I'll be vending at this Winter/Spring season in the DC area that I'd love for you to attend (trying on and touching the jewels is highly encouraged!):

Mt. Pleasant Temporium
When?: 24 days in February (exact dates still TBD)
Where?: Future location of Nana (3068 Mt. Pleasant St. NW)
What?: This temporary "pop-up" shop will feature handmade goods for sale from 30 local, independent crafters and artists, as well as special events (look out for details on my special trunk show where I'll be teaching how to make a simple pair of earrings!) I'll be there everyday working the cash register and taking care of the store so be sure to visit!

Crafts and Kisses
When?: Saturday February 12th from noon-6pm
Where?: La Casa Multicultural Center (3166 Mount Pleasant St. NW)
What?: This Valentine's themed show will feature 8 local artist selling their awesome crafts just in time for you to give them to your loved one.

Shecky's Girls Night Out
When?: Wednesday March 30th from 5-10pm
Where?: DAR Constitution Hall (1776 D St. NW)
What?: A special night of shopping where you'll discover unique clothing and jewelry, sip delectable drinks, and cap your night with some pretty pampering and glorious Goodie Bags. Buy your tickets here.

Ballston Arts and Crafts Market
When?: Saturday April 9th from 10am- 4pm
Where?: Welburn Square (The Ballston Circle) at the Ballston Metro
What?: A lovely open air market in Arlington. I participated in this last year and can't wait for this season to start. Local artists and crafters selling everything from cards to toys.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Swap Day Success

I told you all about National Swap Day in my last post and wanted to share a few pictures of the fabulous event I volunteered at here in DC this past weekend.

From 9-11 in the morning women stopped by to drop of clothes they wanted to swap and and one of my jobs was to help sort through it all. This pile got about 10 times larger! But we got through it all, hanging up hundred and hundreds of garments on racks, and organizing shoes and accessories.

When we finished sorting and organizing we opened up the doors and a flood of women came through. Apparently there was a line around the block to get in! I had a fun time moving through the crowd, picking up empty hangers, and getting giddy when I heard girls get excited about a new find.

I came home with quite a loot- vintage fur coat, Betsy Johnson belt, a Longchamp purse, brand new boots and heels, and a dozen dresses/tops. Such fun!

It was such a fabulous event and I had a great time working with all the lovely organizers and volunteers! A fellow swapper and Lanyapi/Nana customer Lily, snapped this picture of us!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Celebrate National Swap Day!

It's no secret that I love clothes. But a girl like me ain't trying to break the bank, while looking fly. I learned quickly from my frugalista mother that you can still put together a great outfit if your think smart. As a result I am addicted to sales, vintage, and expanding my wardrobe by sharing with my friends. I'm always trying to get my girl friends to have swap parties (where everyone brings clothing items they no longer wear and gets to go home with new items from friends) and recently I hosted one for my local college alum group. So when I heard about the first National Swap Day coming up this Saturday and that there would be an event at the new location of Nana- I signed up to be a volunteer immediately.

But wait? When did swapping blow up? The first time I heard about it on a big scale like this was when participating as a vendor at a local arts market in Boston a few years ago. Amy Chase from Punky Style and Melissa Massello from Shoestring Magazine, who want to revive the age-old clothing swap put on an event where tons of people got to rummage through clothing in search of a new outfit. Since then they have been putting on successful events all over the country making swapping cool again.

If you interested in cleaning out your close and coming home with new clothes and accessories without ever opening your pocket book then sign up for the event here.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

To 2011!

I'm back from a whirl wind of travel during the holidays. My hubby and I finally got to go on our ridiculously romantic honeymoon to BORA BORA (!) and we visited family and friends in Whistler, Canada for an amazing ski adventure (Could I be more lucky? Seriously.). I'm excited to share pics from these journeys soon but first I wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR and send lots of positive vibes your way to make this year better than the last.

I have so many things to look forward to this year: My first full year being married to my amazing husband. My 5 year college reunion. More travelin'. New work projects and so much more! I love asking people what their new year's resolutions are. Some people don't believe in them and some people like me have a long, looooong list. The thing I am most excited for this year is growing my jewelry business. I've got lots of surprises in store (a fancy website, lots of exciting shows, and brand spanking new designs... just to name a few). Stay tuned and join me on my road to making 2011 a fantastic year! Cheers!