Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Celebrate National Swap Day!

It's no secret that I love clothes. But a girl like me ain't trying to break the bank, while looking fly. I learned quickly from my frugalista mother that you can still put together a great outfit if your think smart. As a result I am addicted to sales, vintage, and expanding my wardrobe by sharing with my friends. I'm always trying to get my girl friends to have swap parties (where everyone brings clothing items they no longer wear and gets to go home with new items from friends) and recently I hosted one for my local college alum group. So when I heard about the first National Swap Day coming up this Saturday and that there would be an event at the new location of Nana- I signed up to be a volunteer immediately.

But wait? When did swapping blow up? The first time I heard about it on a big scale like this was when participating as a vendor at a local arts market in Boston a few years ago. Amy Chase from Punky Style and Melissa Massello from Shoestring Magazine, who want to revive the age-old clothing swap put on an event where tons of people got to rummage through clothing in search of a new outfit. Since then they have been putting on successful events all over the country making swapping cool again.

If you interested in cleaning out your close and coming home with new clothes and accessories without ever opening your pocket book then sign up for the event here.

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