Friday, January 15, 2010

Functional Jewelry

My newest obsession is functional jewelry. I love adorning people with baubles that are unique and give them character and personality but what better than adding functionality to the list? Recently I've created pieces in my shop that not only are beautiful works of art but are truly useful.

The first was inspired by Mad Men, my favorite show about adverting in the 60's. I am infatuated with the style on that series and have always especially loved Joan, the sultry secretary who is rarely seen without her famous pen necklace. I was able to find the most brilliant pens that could be made into necklaces. Handcrafted with the utmost care and attention they are now available as necklaces in three types of wood in my shop- maple, walnut, and Padauk (a most beautiful african wood). I imagine women wearing these to work to take notes or for those constantly on the go working parties and meetings.

The second piece is all about touch ups. Perfume touch ups that is. Have you ever been out all night and wish you could just dab a little perfume on to freshen up? Well with my perfume locket now you can. The vintage locket features the most beautiful basket weave design (reminds me of an apple pie!) and has actually Avon perfume in it! The scent is fresh and sexy and I love the idea of carrying it around you neck.

Lastly my newest piece of all is a necklace made out of a real harmonica! This is the perfect piece for the music lover in your life. The mini harmonica is crafted out of metal and can play a complete octave! This adds a little rock and roll to your style and you'll always be able to jazz the night up!

I love that all these pieces have vintage components or are vintage inspired. It makes something old completely beautiful and still useful today. I played with things such as real working lighters, glass bottles, and more and have just had the best time figuring out useful things to use jewelry for. So please stay tuned for future functional pieces!

All these pieces can be found on the ETSY shop:

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