Tuesday, July 20, 2010

10 things to pack on your next trip

Weather it's a camping trip for the weekend, a Caribbean beach getaway, or a touristy trip I love to travel. Smart packing is important. Here are my top 10 things you must pack on your next trip to make your travel more enjoyable.

1) Sleep mask- even if you don't normal use one you'll be happy to have it when your on a plane or staying in your friend's sunny room with no blinds. I love Bucky's collection.
2) Running shoes- I love exploring places with an early morning run when the city is just starting to rise.
3) Journal- I am always inspired by what I see, taste, and experience when I travel so I carry around a tiny journal to write down all my ideas, quotes I see, and more.
4) Foldable reusable bag- these are useful when you go a little overboard with your shopping and barely take up any room in your luggage. If you carry it in your purse then you don't have to get any plastic bags purchasing souvenirs. I love this one.
5) A good read- One of my favorite parts of traveling is catching up on my reading. Be sure to pack a book. You'll be glad you have it when you have any travel delays.
6) Your favorite lotion- Your skin can get dry when on flights so having a little travel size of your favorite lotion is nice. Having a great smelling lotion with you can help you moisturize, remind you of home, and double as perfume.
7) A long scarf- A scarf can jazz up an outfit, keep you warm on those chilly nights, and even double as a beach towel. So useful. I love this skull printed one.
8) Jewelry- Jewelry is the key to packing light. Pack neutral clothes that can be mixed and matched and bring a few key jewelry pieces to pump up your outfit for night or to give an outfit a whole new vibe. I love long necklaces and cocktail rings.
9) Comfy but cute walking shoes- You don't have to sacrifice style for comfort these days. Be sure to bring a pair of cute flats or sandals that can be used for day and night. Delicate Sole even roll up to save you even more room in your suitcase.
10) Camera- The easiest way to capture all those moments you want to share with your family and friends when you get back.

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