Saturday, February 5, 2011

Country in the City

A self-proclaimed city girl, sometimes I just can't help but let my Texan country roots seep out. "Wait, did you just say 'y'all'?", I often hear new acquaintances say to me. O lord if you think that is bad don't dare catch me on the phone with my most country of my Texan friends, Kelly. For some reason the southern drawl just manifests itself instantaneously the moment I get to chatting with her.

Though you'd never guess it, hearing my friends back home get super excited about the upcoming Rodeo makes me feel a little melancholy. So this rainy day, I decided to embrace my country soul in the city and breakout the denim skirt and western blouse. I've often been told I have a bohemian California style but today it was all about mixing the country with the city. I love the mix of traditional western fabrics and other textiles like a funky shrunken gray vest and long gold necklace I made. You'll be seeing a lot more of this modern-urban-southwestern like style in my newest jewelry collection; I've been busy working with turquoise and other western inspirations all month long. Stay tuned!

Denim Skirt: It Jeans from Nana
Woven Belt: Hand-me down from my hubby's grandma
Vest: H&M
Blouse: Find in a Parisian boutique
Turquoise Necklace: Made by yours truly

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