Thursday, May 19, 2011

Crawfish Boil!

These past few weeks have been pretty crazy for my household. I've been busy preparing for two huge craft shows happening this weekend (blog posts about these fun fairs coming soon!) and my husband just wrapped up his law school finals. I was able to take a few days off to visit my Alma Mater Smith College for my five year college reunion last weekend (blog post coming about this too!) and then finally take a breather with my husband this week in Kiawah, South Carolina. We decided to come down to his family's beach house here to see his grandparents, aunt, uncle, family friend, and most importantly his mom who is moving to Iraq to work with a non profit in just a few short weeks.

I decided this was the perfect opportunity to share some of my cajun family traditions with my new family, so we put together a crawfish boil. Being the first one I put on with out my family or friends I had to make a few calls to them to confirm a few things but it couldn't have gone better. Here are a few pics of the night. It felt great introducing them to such an important tradition to me. If you have never gone to a crawfish boil you are missing out. It brought the family together and everyone couldn't have had more fun learning how to eat those little buggers! I can't wait to host my next!

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