Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Heat Wave Shows!

I have to admit I was a little worried that this little heatwave that blanketed the country last weekend was going to put a damper my two shows I had planned (especially the outdoor one). Fortunately it somehow worked out in my favor. On Saturday, although it was 101 degrees in New York, I had one of my most successful shows to date at the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. There were definitely many vendors out there than my previous weekend selling at the market so I decided to chat up the veterans who came out and see how they felt about the heat.

One couple who sold vintage gems told me that their records told them that it was the same temperature exactly a year ago (that's pretty nifty to keep track of the temperature in your records!) and they sold the same amount they always sold. And then they wisely told me, "tourists don't like to me cooped up in their hotel rooms no matter how hot it is". Boy were they right. I've never heard so many languages. I made sales to people visiting from Japan, Germany, the UK, Australia, and so many more countries. It was amazing that people were willing to brave the heat. My husband's mom even surprised us with a visit as well as our cousin. I came prepared with 5 huge bottles of ice water and plenty of SPF but by the end of the day I was sure pooped. But at least round two the next day was indoors with AC! The Astoria Market went off great as well but it was a little bitter sweet since that will be my last time at that market this summer. I only have one more stint at the Hell's Kitchen Flea (Aug 6th) before I move back to DC!

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