Thursday, November 12, 2009

Etsy Spanglish Team: Piñata Giveaway

Growing up in Texas where Spanglish is pretty much an official language I have always had a fascination with it. I even took a linguistics class in college to study it. Traveling to Peru, Mexico, and Spain also made me realize how much English has affected native Spanish speakers. So many English words make their way into every language and I think it is so fascinating. Two of my favorite books about the topic include:

Spanglish: the making of a new american language

Biting the Wax Tadpole: Confessions of a Language Fanatic

When I joined Etsy to sell my jewelry designs I searched for a team that had a love for the language and latino culture. I found that group in the Spanglish Team. It's wonderful to be in a support group with people from all over the world making wondering crafts. This week we are celebrating our one year anniversary! In honor of this great occasion we are giving away a Piñata full of goodies made by its members. I contributed this cute item.

Visit the Spanglish Team Blog for rules on who to enter and win this amazing prize!

With this blog I also want to give good tips on shopping. So here I go! If you are looking for affordable high quality handmade goods for the holidays check out some of my favorite Spanglish team members sites here:

MissButler for colorful Mexican and Latin icons! Including beautiful ornaments!

EstudioMartita for my favorite Frida Kahlo inspired boxes!

SoapyBlessings for amazing soap! The perfect stocking stuffer!

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