Monday, December 6, 2010

Lanyapi's Holiday Gift Guide Series: Cooking Fanatic

Lanyapi’s second Holiday gift guide is for the cooking fanatic. My hubby and I love to cook and have received so many great kitchen gifts for our recent wedding. We are Top Chef addicts and have been known to own a few too many geeky kitchen tools so I wanted to share with you a few gift ideas for the chef in your life.

1) Cheese Knife. I first saw a version of this slicer at a friend’s house and was immediately attracted to how perfect it cut slices of cheese. My dad would love this and you can find them at Target for less than $10!

2) Vintage Ice Cream Maker. I've been really interested in making more and more of my meals 100% from scratch including the hard stuff so I actually know what I am putting into my body. This awesome ice cream maker doesn't use electricity so is perfect for your green friends!

3) Julia Child Necklace. This necklace is for the foodie in your life. It features a mini knife, spoon, and fork. So adorable

4) Kitchen Towels. We got these lovely towels from a dear friend as a wedding gift. Pick out your family’s home state or favorite place to vacation. We have DC (where we live now), Texas (where I am from), and France (where we got engaged). We are sure to add to the collection soon. Bonus- these double as great bathroom hand towels too! From Cat Studio.

5) Cheese Platter with Glass Top. This is perfect for the family with a sneaky dog or cat who try to steal food when you’re not looking (my kitty loooooves cheese!). Simply put the top on and voila your food is safe! Great way to get your cheese to room temperature before guest come over too! I just bought this lovely vintage one from Etsy for only $7.50!

6) Spices. I love giving spices as gifts and my favorite are hands down by Waverley Kitchens. Thought there was no way you could make Indian food? Well WK makes it simple and fun. And their new Holiday Spice pack lets you pick out 3 blends and comes in cute seasonal packaging!

7) Cooking Classes. I bought my hubby cooking classes a few years ago and he loved it. He got to learn how to pair flavors really well and still uses the tools he learned from those classes today! Great for all skill levels.

That's it for today's gift guide. Stay tuned for the next edition which is for the Beauty Fanatic!

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