Friday, December 10, 2010

Lanyapi's Holiday Gift Guide Series:Beauty Fanatic

The third installment of Lanyapi's Holiday Gift Guide Series is dedicated to the beauty fanatic. As a young girl growing up with 4 brothers and no sisters let me tell you I gravitated to all things beauty. Instead of hand me down eye shadows and dresses I literally got hand me down Bugle Boy shorts but I made it work like I always do. Here are a few gifts ideas that any sister would love to get from their testosterone filled brother.

1) Wave Hair Crimper. Always wondered how Taylor's swift gets those awesome waves in her hair? She uses a wave crimper. I picked one up at Sephora for only $20 and I love it! Great way to jazz up your hair for all those holiday parties.

2) Elizabeth W Bath Pouches. I bought some of these little pouches to give to my mom and mother and law for Christmas (opps I hope they don't read this post!!). They are filled with bath salts and you let them soak with you in the tub. You can scrub em on your body and they smell delish! Available now at Nana in DC.

3) Nail Polish. Inexpensive and great stocking stuffer. My signature hues of the season are taupe, turquoise and Christmas red!

4) Flavored Lip Balms. (Petite) Threla has amazing and unique scented lip balms. Again a great stocking stuffer. I love the Jasmine and Lemon Grapefruit Flavors. Visit their etsy shop or their new bricks and mortar store if you live in Boston.

5) Make-Up. Etsy has tons of great vegan and mineral makeup that is great for your skin. Pick out a few shimmery eve shadows and your gift shopping is complete!

6) Perfume jewelry. I love carrying around perfume with me in interesting ways. I have a ring that opens up to reveal solid perfume and I love this vintage strawberry perfume bottle necklace in my shop. Just fill it with a girl's favorite perfume and your sure to be a winner!

Hope this lesson in beauty was a helpful one. Next gift guide is all for the travel fanatic. Stay tuned.

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