Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lanyapi's Holiday Gift Guide Series: Travel Fanatic

The fourth installment of Lanyapi's Holiday Gift Guide Series is all for the travel fanatic in your life! If you have traveled a bunch in your life, you know it's the small things that make a trip more enjoyable. These gifts will be appreciated and well used!

1) Travel frame with recordable device. Record a message for your loved one before they take off for a trip and they will love to listen to it during their travels. A cute idea for a partner who jets around for work all the time. I found this one at Bed Bath and Beyond.

2) Foldable tote. I love throwing these foldable bags into by purse and having one when I happen to buy something throughout the day. They are great for traveling because they fold up very small and are great when you do some vacation shopping and need an extra bag when coming back home. I love this one now available on Etsy.

3) Travel humidifier. Great to travel with in those cold dry months. Small and compact and uses a water bottle. What could be cooler? Available at stores and online.

4) Passport cover. Keep your documents safe during travel with a cute passport cover like this one available on Etsy. Customize it to your taste!

5) Bon Voyage Necklace. A perfect gift for the jet setter in your life! Now available in my Etsy shop!

6) Travel Journal. Encourage your friends and family to keep a journal with them when they travel. It's always fun to read back on your travels and a good way to kill some extra time at the airport! I love this one made of maps available on Etsy.

7) Cute weekend bag. When traveling for a quick over night trip, you should travel in style. Give your travel buddy a stylish bag like this one!

Hope you liked the picks for today's gift guide. Stay tuned for the next guide all about NERDS! :-)

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