Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lanyapi's Holiday Gift Guide Series: Geek Fanatic

Today's holiday gift guide is dedicated to all those self proclaimed dorks and geek lovers. These gifts are sure to be appreciated by all your smarty pant friends and family.

1) Book Safe. These are so nifty! Put them on your book shelf and store your secret stash of important goods. No one will no because it looks just like any other book. Our friends made us one and I just bought the above one for my brother but you can find them all over Etsy!

2) Robot Motif Bowls. These are a great gift for a quirky guy. Make breakfast more interesting!

3) Informational pencil set. These colorful beauties are a great gift for a friend who is always pulling out random trivia. I got these for my brother for his Birthday and I think they'll be a hit!

4) Know it all cup cozy. This cute little cup cozy is great for your geeky green friends! Customize it with a cute and funny name.

5) Star Wars Cuff links. These are great for a guy who likes to show off his quirky personality. Now available on Etsy.

6) Nerd Albert Einstein Toddler Shirt. This is perfect for all those future nerds! So adorable!

7) Eye Chart Necklace. This necklace, now available in my shop is perfect for all those four eyed friends of yours. A funny yet stylish piece!

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